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ADMIRA Sevilla Spanish Classical Nylon String Acoustic Guitar


The Admira Sevilla Classical Guitar gives a smooth, warm and authentic traditional tone. With an attractive appearance to match its rich and resonant tone, the Admira Sevilla Classical Guitar replicates the guitars that made their mark in the 20th century in bands like the Eagles and the Gypsy Kings.

The Admira Sevilla Classical Guitar features a solid Cedar top to emphasise its shimmering highs and an attractive Sapele grained back and sides to bring out smooth and subtle mids, giving it strong definition and balance. Like its cousin the ‘Almeria’, the guitar delivers a definitive tone that courses with an authentic Spanish sound. Hand crafted by Spanish luthiers in China, an exceptional manufacturing quality is ensured with a consistent and reliable tone to boot.

  • Cedar top, walnut back and sides
  • Mahogany neck, kabukalli fingerboard
  • Maple body binding
  • Nickel machine heads
  • Satin finish
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