Boss BCB-1000

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Boss Deluxe Wheeled Pedal Board and Case


  • Secure, Customizable Pedalboard
  • Carry-On Size for Travel
  • Wheeled Design for Comfort
  • Angled Design for Easy Pedal Attachment
  • Integrated Cable Management
  • Junction Boxes for Easily Accessible I/O

The BOSS BCB-1000 is a pedalboard designed for touring and travel, with its rolling-suitcase design, durable protections, and carry-on dimensions. If you're a player who needs to take a pedalboard on the road, look no farther than this option, as it provides both protection during travel, and ease of use during operation.

The interior of the pedalboard is as inviting as the exterior is protective. Pedals are held at an angle, facilitating easy mounting with standard hook-and-loop fastening tape. Cable routing can be managed underneath the board, where you'll also find enough room to house power supplies. All of your I/O becomes easily accessible via junction boxes.

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